Hi, we're Nic and Mark

Here’s a little sneak peak into our world...

Mark and I have quite different careers. He works in construction management, which is a demanding job, while I am a yoga teacher. Our family of four lives in the Northern Territory, where we love to go camping, fishing and exploring the great outdoors. While Mark and the kids enjoy all of these activities, I am particularly fond of the beach and have always dreamed of living by the ocean. Even though we have busy lives, we always make time for family adventures and creating lasting memories.

We took 7 months in 2014 to travel with our children particularly for Mark to have this quality time with them. It was the everything we had hoped for and more, we had sold everything home was our camper with a different front yard every few days or weeks. We travelled from Townsville to Broome, discovering the beauty of Australia's northern regions. At the time, we never considered making it a full-time lifestyle, but once we returned to our house, jobs, and schools, we all wished we had explored the idea further. It was truly an unforgettable experience that we'll cherish forever.

I made the choice to study yoga teaching at this time, I have been able to build my work hours around my family life, allowing us to still go on camping trips and enjoy family holidays. Now that my children are becoming more independent, I am looking for a way to fast track our retirement and fulfill our family bucket list. However, it was important to me to find a second income that wouldn't interfere with my passion for teaching yoga, which brings me so much joy by positively impacting people's lives. As yoga teaching is my dream job, I am grateful that this new online business is able to integrate it into my life and pursuing our goals as a family.

Our initial plan was to retire at the age of 60-65. However, events over the last 18 months have completely changed our mindset around retirement plans.

My dad was diagnosed with tongue cancer at 66 and passed away at 67, he still had so much living to do. Dad had actually just started a new career at 65 but it was his retirement job and he loved it. The news of Dad's cancer came as a shock to us all. He had always lived a healthy lifestyle and even his doctor was taken aback by the diagnosis, as his medical history was only two pages long. It's a sad reality that we often hear of people who have worked their entire lives, only to be struck down by illness and never get to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

My Dad's passing has really motivated us to prioritize our happiness and make the most out of the time we have. We are no longer going to let society dictate when we should retire. Instead, we are motivated to make choices that will give us more time freedom sooner. We are choosing to enjoy life and spend time with the people we love so when we look back on our lives there are NO regrets!

It was actually Mark who had seen this online stuff and suggested it would be an effective way for me to have the best of both worlds. Still sharing the yoga love but also having a passive income to fast track our bucket list! I was like yeah right that's going to work, yep I was so skeptical but then I came across a masterclass that changed my whole outlook!

Suddenly I am learning the world of affiliate marketing and I have to say I am loving it!!

Jade and Kev, our mentors, are a wonderful Australian couple who have put in the hard work to create these incredible courses that guide you through the process of becoming an affiliate marketer step by step. Thanks to their support, I feel incredibly empowered on this journey. They have been through it all themselves, and their experience means that they can help me avoid making the same mistakes. I am especially grateful for their focus on mindset work, as I share a passion for this area. Overall, I feel fortunate to have Jade and Kev as my mentors, and I am excited to continue learning from them as I pursue my goals.

As I dive in the beginning of this journey I am curious to see where it will take me. Seeing so many others who are making a sustainable living through affiliate marketing while also having the freedom to pursue their passions. It would be crazy not to give it a try.

I am eager to document my journey and inspire others to pursue their own dreams. I highly recommend checking out the free masterclass that is available, as it could potentially be life-changing. Who knows, this could be the opportunity you have been waiting for!